If you’re clicking here, you’re obviously a wonderful person curious about what-the-hell you’re reading/seeing, and fair enough…  I’m just as confused as you are!  However, I’ll try to fill in as many as the details as I’ve come to understand them.

I started this blog to challenge myself to do something consistently for once in my life (a grandiose new year’s resolution if I ever heard one), and loving cocktails, I figured booze would be the perfect topic because I find it difficult to be creative without any focus.  Plus making the cocktails has its own built-in benefits (i.e., the funnest party guest ever, amirite?!), so I started this blog with a focus on making a cocktail everyday for a full year and launched it January 1, 2014.

I’m largely inspired by food and love the idea of turning food into beverage without all the chunks and weirdness.  Seriously, why puree a cake for the sake of making a drink when you have liqueurs at your disposable?  That’s just unnecessary.

Note to Self:  Puree a blueberry cheesecake.

Outside of that, I like photography, and I guess I can write words…  Actually, I don’t much care for words, but I do the best I can to explain the thought process (or whatever random crap pops into my head) behind each drink.  Mostly I like the drinks and the photography which is why most of my time is spent there.

So basically, I’m a one woman team creating unique drinks, projects, photography, and some words.  I guess you can check up on me once a day to make sure I’m still alive and making cocktails (or whatever booze-related thingie).

Cheers and beers!


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