Andes Cordial

I was going to do this cordial a couple days ago, and when I went for the ice cream, I discovered that it was gone. Eaten! By the only monster in the house who would do such a cruel thing.

Me: Why did you eat the ice cream?
Him: It was old.
Me: What?! We bought it recently!
Him: It was in the freezer for a week and a half.

Seriously? A week and a half means that it’s old?

Andes Cordial @
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Thankfully, he replaced it last night and bought a half gallon for himself, and I suppose I should know by now that ice cream is a terrible temptation and should never be expected to last more than a few days.

Andes Cordial @
This work is copyrighted – do NOT publish/repost/use it without my permission.

Today’s cocktail/cordial is inspired by Andes mint chocolates because I’m a sucker for mint and chocolate.


In a 2 oz cordial glass, pour 1 oz of green creme de menthe and top with a dollop (or two) of chocolate ice cream.

Slowly sip the liqueur through the quickly thawing cream layer and enjoy!

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I’m going to need all the encouragement (and sippy cups) I can get!

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4 thoughts on “Andes Cordial

  1. This looks absolutely delicious! I too am a sucker for chocolate mint anything. I know during the holidays Andes has cookies. I think a tiny crumble of that on top of the ice cream would look cute and give a pleasing texture to any left over ice cream you have left to enjoy.

  2. I just saw you on Foodgawker as I was submitting and recognized your photo style! Love it! My hubby often eats my ice cream out from under me. :/ I’m tempted to get one of those pint combination locks that Ben and Jerry’s makes.

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