Chocolate Grapefruit Peel

In keeping with my promise to make more accessible cocktails, I decided to make a cocktail inspired by chocolate-covered candied grapefruit peel.

Or maybe I just happen to have a fair amount of grapefruit juice.

Either way, this cocktail uses a common liquor, a common liqueur, and a common citrus juice for a non-fussy girlie drink which my husband approved. Pinkies up, y’all!

Also, I’ll likely be posting a slow cooked candied grapefruit peel with chocolate coating recipe because my husband purchased some grapefruit that I was SO excited about. The rind smelled amazing and was already a bit syrupy, but then I cracked it open… What little flesh there was would turn your mouth inside-out. However, the rind was far too enticing to not experiment with. Right now I’m just waiting for the batch to dry, but it already tastes amazing.

Chocolate Covered Grapefruit Peel Cocktail @
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In a Collins glass filled with crushed ice, pour 1 oz dark creme de cacao and 1 oz vodka.

Top with grapefruit juice.

Garnish with a grapefruit slice and serve with a straw.

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I’m going to need all the encouragement (and sippy cups) I can get!

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2 thoughts on “Chocolate Grapefruit Peel

  1. I want some! Do you ever drink straight hard liquor btw? I don’t. Last night I went to a Korean bar and had a sip of soju. Can’t drink any of that it it’s not mixed with something and made into a cocktail. But I didn’t go there to drink…I went there to eat since it was one of the few places opened late at night. I could sure use one of your drinks right now!

    • I try to avoid hard liquor because I need filler for the sake of pacing. Plus if I’m drinking a cocktail, I want it to be a bit fru-fru. Otherwise, it’s beer or wine for me.

      But mostly beer. 🙂

      I’ve not had soju but will have to locate a bottle and try it! 😀

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