Sweet and Soft

Yesterday I managed to get the kitchen clean which feels amazing.

This morning.

The cleaning began with Van Morrison, moved onto Jimmy Buffett, and finished with Nirvana, and towards the end, I realized that I was passive-aggressively cleaning which is hard to explain. Basically, I was cleaning to prove a point or something.

I was going until 10 pm which is why I’m posting so late compared to normal. Plus I was having a hard time figuring how I wanted to photograph today’s drink and procrastinated with some Netflix because boooo work, yaaaay documentaries!

Anyway, today’s cocktail is inspired by Honey Ginger Candied Grapefruit Peels, and it’s sweet, delicious, strong, and very simple.

Sweet and Soft Cocktail with Fresh Grapefruit Juice and Ginger Ale @ makefor365.com
This work is copyrighted – do NOT publish/repost/use it without my permission.


In a 12 oz glass filled with crushed ice, pour 1½ oz vodka.

Top with equal parts grapefruit juice and ginger ale.

Garnish with a grapefruit slice and serve with a straw.

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I’m going to need all the encouragement (and sippy cups) I can get!

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