January Failures

Right now I have completed the 31 days of January, and while I’m not totally satisfied with all the photography of my cocktails and can see some room for improvement of some recipes, there were some things I absolutely did not post which is saying something for someone as shameless as I am.

The first failure was one suggest by husband who had the great idea of doing a banana hefeweizen, so despite my misgivings, I took a bottle of hef and added a shot of 99 Bananas. Nasty. He says he could do a bit of it but not the entire bottle. This one I didn’t even bother photographing because it was so bad. Plus it just looked like a pint of beer.

The next failure was when I tried to do a chocolate covered cherry and wound up with a shot from Dexter:

Chocolate Covered Cherry Cordial @ makefor365.com

But not feeling terribly disheartened, I tried it again for this amazingly boring shot:

Chocolate Covered Cherry Cordial @ makefor365.com

And finally, there was the first attempt at the Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cordial which came out like this:

Chocolate Covered Strawberry

I’ve probably posted worse pictures on this blog, but after two tries in one day, I’d had enough.

Only 334 days left to go. lol

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I’m going to need all the encouragement (and sippy cups) I can get!

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