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I don’t have space for an espresso machine, and beyond that, I don’t think I’d use it all that often because the thought of having to clean it would be enough for me to keep it in near pristine condition.

So I have a moka pot or stove top espresso machine which is small, easy to clean, and easy to use although there are some tricks to using it and getting sweet espresso:

The only tip I’d add is to use medium heat or lower heat than you might be tempted to use because it’s quite easy to burn the espresso if you aren’t careful.

Anyway, today I pulled out my little moka pot and made a simple cocktail with all the flavors of toffee. It’s deliciously dark and sweet.

Coffee Toffee Cocktail @
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Pour 1 oz of fresh espresso over ice in a 12 oz glass.

Repack ice and pour ½ oz black strap rum, ½ oz crème de cacao, ½ oz amaretto, and ½ oz butterscotch schnapps.

Serve with a straw.

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I’m going to need all the encouragement (and sippy cups) I can get!

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4 thoughts on “Coffee Toffee

  1. I love espresso. I’m too much of a coffee junkie, but been trying really hard to cut back. I’m drinking an iced macchiato as I type this. I love iced coffee drinks. If we were neighbors, you would share your boozy creations with me, right? Lol

    • I imagine it would, but for brunch, you may prefer to increase the amount of espresso and reduce how much you serve to each person. 🙂

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