Apple Ginger Crisp

You might think this one is identical to the Peach Ginger Crisp cocktail. However, I’ve simplified this one a lot because I use 99 Apples as my apple liqueur, and 99 Apples is STRONG in both alcohol and flavor.

My peach liqueur is more of a typical liqueur with a milder flavor and lower alcohol content which required punching it up a bit, but with this one, I kept it to 3 ingredients. It’s quite sweet thanks to the amaretto and ginger ale, and it’s a great balance of booze to sugar.

Well, in my opinion, it is, so take that with a grain of salt and pay attention to the pinky salute.

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In a 12 oz glass filled with crushed ice, pour 1 oz apple liqueur and 1 oz amaretto.

Top with ginger ale.

Serve with a straw.

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