Salted Almond Brittle

Maybe I’m addicted to jello shots because you can’t get jello in all the flavors you can find with liqueurs, and there are so many delicious liqueurs that are fun to play with!

Granted, you could use flavoring or do something else, but meh, liqueur makes it easy such as with this jello shooter inspired by Salted Almond Brittle.

Lots of fun, very easy, super delicious, but likely not as good as the real thing if you’re really after candy.  Then again this is less likely to get stuck in your teeth…

Salted Almond Brittle Jello Shot @
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Ingredients for Four 2 oz Shooters:

  • 1 package Knox Gelatin
  • ½ cup Cold Water
  • ¼ cup Butterscotch Schnapps
  • ¼ cup Amaretto
  • Flaked or Kosher Salt


  1. Pour package of Knox gelatin into microwavable container, add ½ cup cold water, and stir.
  2. Microwave until gelatin has bloomed, stirring periodically.
  3. Pour butterscotch schnapps and amaretto into gelatin mixture and distribute among shooter glasses.
  4. Refrigerate until set.
  5. Prior to serving sprinkle salt on the top.

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I’m going to need all the encouragement (and sippy cups) I can get!

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